Middle College High School at Vol State


Seniors: Class of 2021 Resources

What’s happening…

  • Back to School....Transcript forms

 Important Fall Dates for Seniors

  • Coming soon...Seniors will have access to all college forms on the new google classroom.

Important Links

Current Scholarships: As scholarships roll in, I will update and add dates, contacts, and current links.

TN Scholars: Applications due to Mrs. Dorris by March 1, 2021. Must have 80 hours of community service, no OSS during High School, and have 95% school attendance.  (All requirements on website with AP/DE/CTE requirements listed.

Transcript Request Form:  Must have parent signature if under 18. Complete and put in Transcript Binder in Middle College Office.  Address labels are provided for certain colleges, if not, you are responsible for finding address or website information.

College Open House and Events Fall 2020: List of off college events and names of college contacts

Community Service/Job Opportunities and Activities: List of all community service and job listings





College Visit Request Form for Fridays:  Students can visit colleges only on Fridays with prior approval with principal, counselor, and parent/guardian approval.


Juniors: Class of 2022 Resources

Governor's School for Tennessee Summer 2021

Juniors: please see the attached form to complete the application for Governor's School.



1.       Must have student’s application in a folder with name on it with transcript request.

2.       Completed student packet, with application checklist with teachers’ names per school and per subject

3.       Typed Resume and Brag Sheet sent via email to Mrs. Dorris with name and title of document.

4.       Student is responsible for handing out teacher rec forms and then teacher returns them to Mrs. Dorris. If you are using the same teacher for multiple schools, they only need to complete one form and I will copy it.

5.       Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic the 2021 Governor Schools may be conducted in a completely virtual setting if the pandemic is still impacting Tennessee.

6.       Meet Mrs. Dorris’ deadlines and have all paperwork included.


MCHS Mission

The mission of SCMCHS is to provide an opportunity for juniors and seniors to complete college courses on the campus of Vol State while pursuing their high school diploma.

MCHS Vision

SCMCHS students will complete all requirements for high school graduation while pursuing an Associate's degree or a minimum of 24 transferable college credits.  Graduating seniors can continue their education at VSCC, apply to a four-year college, or enter the workforce prepared to be a productive citizen.